TFE Music Playlist: December 2014

December 24, 2014

TFE Music Playlist - December 2014

Whoa, we can’t believe that 2014 has nearly come to its end! Since we have started TFE last July we have been developing the website, in constant search for good music and delicious recipes and we are far from finished! It has been a really fun process of creativity, collaboration and most importantly fun and laughter. Thank you so much for following us!

As usual at the end of the month we post our playlist, and this is one to end the year with a bang, because there ain’t no party without some great music! This is as well our last post of the year, so along with these fine tunes we at The Fresh Edit would like to wish you a very Healthy, Happy and FRESH 2015!!

1) The Winter Blues Blocker Smoothie Song: The Avener – Fade Out Lines

Fade Out Lines was suddenly everywhere and what a song from The Avener it is! The track reached a number one position in the German Itunes chart and after that it went global. As the artist describes the song: “Fade Out Lines is hard to define. It’s blues with jazz, folk and funk influences, and electronic instruments. It has feelings, emotions and nostalgia, but a lot of energy too.” We couldn’t say it better and it’s just what we need to fight the Monday morning blues. Keep an eye/ear out for his new album The Wanderings of the Avener, which will be released January 19, 2015.

2) The Winter Essence Smoothie Song: The Cool Quest – Funkin’ Badass

If you feel like dancing, you have to listen to The Cool Quest’s debut album Funkin‘ Badass. They have been crowned Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Talent and received a lot of attention performing at a wide range of festivals with their mix of Jazz and Hip Hop sounds. Funkin’ Badass is the first single they released and one of our favorite tracks from their debut album. Groovy Monday is here!

3) The Sunshine Smoothie Song: Tove Lo – Not on Drugs

You might know the Swedish singer/songwriter Tove Lo from her success with a remix of hip hop producers Hippie Sabotage titled Stay High and she has written several songs for Icona Pop and other artists. Now Tove Lo is back and released her debut album last September, named Queen of the Clouds. Loving her style and we chose Not on Drugs as a nice sample of her cool vibe. Happy Friday!

4) The Cheesecake Smoothie Song: Song: James Bay – Hold Back The River

He toured with Hozier last Fall and that is a big deal! James Bay’s latest single is called Hold Back the River and all we can say is: WOW! The singer from the UK is currently receiving a lot airplay and too bad we have to wait until the end of march until his album Chaos and the Calm will be released, because we want to hear more!

5) The Oreo Smoothie Song: Bear’s Den – Above The Clouds

You might have noticed Bear’s Den in the 2014 documentary “Austin to Boston” by James Marcus Haney where he followed the band on their first tour through the states in 2012 accompanied by Ben Howard among others. Now this UK folk band released their debut album Islands last October, including the track Above The Clouds. At the moment they are on tour performing in the Netherlands this weekend and will continue in February 2015, with one more gig in Melkweg, Amsterdam, on February 23rd. Tickets are still available!

6) The Gingerbread Smoothie Song: Bastille – Bite Down (Bastille VS. HAIM)

Bastille is great, Haim is awesome, a collab between those two is probably not what you would expect, but whoa, does this work! What a great way to just zone out from all the Christmas songs on the radio (if you’re not into that at all or not ready to hear them just yet) and just something you need if you feel like the whole world is on holiday already and you still need to go to work on Monday…Bite down! A couple of days to go!!

7) The Candy Cane Smoothie Song: Kodaline – Unclear

When Kodaline releases music we can’t wait to have a first listen and it has to be said that these guys do not disappoint. Their new LP Coming Up For Air with the songs Honest and Unclear are just plain beautiful. You might have already fallen in love with the song All I Want which was released as part of the soundtrack for the film The Fault in Our Stars, but this is another great album to bring along into 2015.

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