TFE Music Playlist: June 2015

July 7, 2015

TFE Music Playlist- June 2015

Like summer, the festival season starts in June. And, these relatively new artists definitely put us in an upbeat mood last month. Since we are Dutch, we’re always proud when we hear great music from local artists. In June we highlighted some of these artists. Eleonor Coco, Tamarin Desert and Animal Antics released their first single or EP this year with a lot enthusiasm. We loved sharing their songs with you!

Of course there were other great bands in this list as well! Enjoy all the songs of June by clicking on the Spotify playlist below. the Spotify playlist below.

1) The Peche Coco Smoothie Song: MisterWives – No Need For Dreaming

Let the sound of MisterWives boost your morning mood! This indie band from New York gives us perfect morning tracks to wake up to. No Need For Dreaming is on their debut album Our Own House, which was released last February. Check them out!

2) The Banana Shock Smoothie Song: Life In Film – Get Closer

Life in Film has released their debut album Here It Comes and we think Get Closer is one of many great tracks of the album. This indie band from the UK has played alongside The Rolling Stones in the past and have been selected for the Burberry Acoustic campaign, so for sure a band to keep track of. Let us know what you think!

3) Raspberry a la Crème Smoothie Song: Eleonor Coco – Bring U Back

This talented singer from Amsterdam became radio station 3FM’s Serious Talent last April with her single Bring U Back and she deserved it. Last June Eleonor’s EP “U” came out (in vinyl), which is bound to be a big success. If you like her music (and love vinyl), add it to your collection! Great voice, great style, great vibe!

4) Raspberry Granola Smoothie Song: Tamarin Desert – Fool’s Stand

With festival season in full swing, Tamarin Desert is definitely what we would like to hear this summer. This Dutch band makes music that has this psychedelic sound and their debut single Fool’s Last Stand is the definition of chilling out in the sun, with some nice drinks and good friends.

5) Bombay Shake Smoothie Song: Bea – Candid Break The Strain

There is not much info to be found about Bea, but we wanted to feature her interesting sound, so you guys can get to know her. Basically all we know is that she lives in Amsterdam and Candid Breaks the Strain is awesome. Do we really need all that info, when we can just listen to her great voice?

6) Mango Lassi Smoothie Song: Sibling – Easy

If you’re like me and switching on the easy-going-modus with matching music, listen to Sibling and their first single Easy of their EP that will be released this July.

7) Spicy Melon Juice Song: Grimes – Entropy

We came to know about Grimes through her performances during Lana del Rey’s Endless Summer Tour these last couple of months and this artist from Vancouver has her very own sound. Her music is influenced by pop, R&B, electronica and even has this rock element to it. Entropy has been out for a while, but it’s the best song for a fresh Monday morning!

8) The (not so) Mean Green Juice Song: Animal Antics – I’ve Got The Money

This band from the north of The Netherlands has released their EP Riffin’ With An Apostrophe last February and when you were in Groningen last ESNS Festival you might have caught them playing a gig in the city. Considered a promising act, we are sure we’re gonna hear more from them soon! Listen to I’ve Got The Money here and check out their EP!

9) Heatwave Juice Song: The Brahms – Golden

The Brahms was formed in 2014 while its members attended music academy, and since that point successfully developed into a band performing at many support shows for The Kooks, Fear of Men and the list goes on. They have released their first EP Meraki last March and their hit song Golden is the song of the moment. With its catchy melodies en chill vibe we declare it music of the summer!

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