TFE Music Playlist October 2014

November 4, 2014

TFE Music Playlist  - October 2014

October went by fast, but the songs of the TFE Music Playlist helped us get through this busy month. Every song from the playlist fits the autumn season perfectly as they have a relaxed melancholic vibe to them. October was also the month that Ben Howard, Damien Rice and Generationals released there new albums! We recommend listening to the new material of these talented artists and enjoy how different but great their music is!

As always, you can find our short blogposts about the songs below the TFE Music Playlist. Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify, because you can expect a fun playlist every month. Enjoy!

1) The Evergreen Juice Song: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett – Anything Goes

This lady keeps on surprising everyone with her ability to change style and direction every time she brings something new. Girl got skills! She was in The Netherlands last week performing in Ziggo Dome with her artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour and simultaneously created buzz on her collab with legendary Tony Bennett whom she recorded the album Cheek to Cheek with. The result is something you have never seen from Lady Gaga before, turning to the old classical big band style ballads our (grand)parents were into, but how cool is this? When in the mood and certainly heading to the holidays in a while, we find it interestingly soothing. So swoon your way into this week….and maybe end the week with Anything Goes as well, because honestly, doesn’t this tune bring one in the mood to prepare a dry martini with an olive? Lady Gaga, will we ever get bored of her?

2) The Redfreshment Smoothie Song: Highasakite – Since Last Wednesday

Highasakite can be defined as indie pop, but it’s on a totally different level. First of all, it gets you thinking about the how they came up with that title (so what happened last Wednesday?) and consequently got us listening to their latest album Silent Treatment. This Norwegian band has good things going on! They are planning a European tour next year, definitely in need of tickets! Hooked since last Wednesday, what about you?

3) The Mango Froyo Smoothie Song: Alt-J – Every Other Freckle

Alt-J has this laidback indie-pop style, with really cool electronic influences. Their album This Is All Yours came out last month and immediately became No. 1 in the UK charts. We can’t say we disagree, because it has such a eclectic feel, where every song on the album is totally different, but simultaneously they combine into a really unique mix of sounds that defines Alt-J. Every Other Freckle is their latest single and gives the perfect vibe for a fresh start of the week!

4) The Pumpkin Almond Latte Song: Generationals – Gold, Silver, Diamond

Gold, Silver, Diamond is a single of the latest album of Generationals, called Alix and we love the entire feel good list of songs! This American indi-rock duo has four albums to their name already where their music got picked up for a not too shabby selection of commercials as well as films and TV-shows (Going the Distance, Hall Pass, Suits). Now if this isn’t a groovy sound to prepare the recipe above to, I don’t know what will get you bobbing that head!

5) The Sweet Pepper smoothie Song: Blonde Redhead – Dripping

Not the new kids on the block, Blonde Redhead have been around since the mid 90s. This band from New York city released their first self-titled album in 1995 and Barragan, which came out last September is their 9th addition to their musical resume. Through the years they have contributed to a number of TV-scores, such as Skins, and Numb3ers, and with their new album they are bringing some new, fresh sounds, such as Dripping. Perfect week starter song!

6) The Go FIGure! Smoothie Song: The Black Keys – Gotta Get Away

We bet you already know this American duo from their last two albums, Brothers and El Camino with the hit single Lonely Boy which was good for three Grammy Awards and no wonder, because that track&video is just epic! 2014 is yet another successful year for The Black Keys, in which they released their eighth album, Turn Blue (their first number-one record in the US and Australia). Gotta Get Away is the second single and will instantly pull you in that much desired weekend mode.

7) The Mocha Loca Smoothie Song: Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were

Who hasn’t been waiting for Ben Howard’s new album? It’s here and it’s great, just as we expected it to be. The album is called I Forget Where We Were and he has released the title track as the second single of the album. Ben Howard and his smooth voice are touring Europe the rest of the year starting out November 17 in Stockholm with final concerts in Amsterdam. Two out of three shows are sold out already, so get those tickets while you can!

8) The Berry Boost Smoothie Song: Nothing But Thieves – Graveyard Whistling

These three guys from Essex did some great work by releasing their EP Graveyard Whistling this year. Their songs reflect an interesting mix of sounds and vibe, which is no surprise when reading that they are inspired by Ray Charles, Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire and Jeff Buckley. Graveyard Whistling is sober but a beautiful song, and a great sound for a rainy autumn day.

9) The Cucumber Cleanse Smoothie Song: Slow Club – Tears of Joy

Early mornings are harsh! Music is what I need to wake up, so as soon I step out of bed I put some tunes on and the past week I’m into the chill sounds of Slow Club to wake me up. This indie pop duo from the UK released their latest album Complete Surrender last July. It’s so diverse and you just gotta love the smooth voice of Rebecca Taylor. Tears of Joy on this Monday morning, perfect!

10) The Classic Hot Cocoa Song: Damien Rice – I Don’t Want To Change You

Damien Rice is back! His new album will be released next week called My Favourite Faded Fantasy and we can’t wait, because I Don’t Want to Change You – the first single of the album – is just a beautiful song which practically guarantees a great album, but come on, it’s Damien Rice, it’s bound to be good! And isn’t this song just the perfect drink to accompany you while having your Hot Cocoa moment? That’s what we thought! Have a great weekend you guys!

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