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TFE Travel Log: Maastricht

May 16, 2016

TFE Travel Log: Maastricht

If you simply don’t have the time to travel to another country for a short stay, but do need an instant getaway, Maastricht (if you’re living in The Netherlands, that is) is a great city to visit. Travelling from the north of Holland makes it around a three hour drive south, finding yourself still speaking Dutch, but feeling you’re in a different country.

‘t Wycker Cabinet

Arriving around noon, means lunch before all! Since our hotel was in the lovely borough Wyck, the restaurant ‘t Wycker Cabinet was at the top of my list for a good lunch. This restaurant serves a good breakfast, as well as lunch and I just had to have the Pan Omelet, which was served in a hot skillet and came with a delicious piece of rustic dark bread. Together with a nice cappuccino this was the perfect start of my birthday and a day of roaming around Maastricht. Girl gotta have a good base going, before any other activities! When in Maastricht I will definitely go back for a nice French style dinner here too(Escargots, Tournedos and fromages)!

‘t Wijcker Cabinet
Wyckerbrugstraat 29B, Maastricht 

Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity

Drop me in a beautiful city and I love just wandering around the city, but since I expected the weather being so so, I though a visit to a museum or an art expo was a nice thing to do. All foodies are aware of the great impact Ferran Adrià had on the international culinary world, so when I saw that Marres had an exposition about the great man behind the groundbreaking restaurant El Bulli in Spain, I just had to go. Here you can experience the train of thoughts and ideas this incredible chef has, considering every detail of the ultimate culinary experience. From the design and material of the plates, to the various elements and lay-out of the created dishes up to the specific utensils he used and created in the kitchen to reach the extraordinary high level of culinary artistry. I had seen the documentary El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, but they also show the documentary there, so if it’s a rainy day, you’ll surely could spend your time immersing yourself in the world of Ferran Adrià.

Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity (Until July 7)
Marres Centre for Contemporary Art
Capucijnenstraat 98, Maastricht

Diner at Rumors

For my birthday dinner we went to restaurant Rumors in the lovely Koestraat, which have many more great restaurants. They serve delicious cocktails (I had a lovely Gin & Tonic with red pepper (!) as a celebratory starter) and dinner was everything I wanted. The concept is tapas style, but it’s not focused on Spanish or any other specific cuisine, which makes it able to enjoy and nurture all the cravings you have (think delicious Serrano ham and lovely scallops). If you prefer a light dinner or early evening drinks with a friend, order 2-3 dishes to share. If you are starving due to strolling a number of K’s in the city and doing a late dinner (which describes my situation), order around 4 dishes pp and of course (try to) share, with a nice bottle of wine. It’s perfect for anybody who loves all food and has an eternal struggle selecting off the menu. Great evening, great food and many thanks to the great people of Rumors!

Koestraat 13, Maastricht

Kaboom Hotel

At the end of a long and fun day it was time to rest our happy and tired heads and although, Maastricht has a number of great places to stay, the trendy Kaboom Hotel is where we checked in. The friendly staff was very welcoming and the rooms have really quirky and cool details, not to mention an awesome rainshower and a very comfortable Auping bed. Located right in front of the train station, this hotel is really convenient if you arrive by train.

Kaboom Hotel
Stationsplein 1, Maastricht

Sunday Brunch at Bistro FAB

Nothing better on a slow and sunny morning than a Sunday Brunch. Bistro Fab (Famous American Bistro) is all you could wish for, think Eggs Benedict, Blueberry Pancakes or what about a delicious croissant and granola? The pancakes were so fluffy and delicious, I considered ordering a second serving to go with my cappuccino…..but I didn’t ….Reservations are recommended, because nothing will kill your brunch excitement and extreme need for your first coffee than the friendly owner of Bistro Fab, telling you they have a full house.

Bistro FAB
Markt 6, Maastricht

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