The Fragrance Store

March 25, 2016
The Fragrance Store

Photo by The Fragrance Store

Amsterdam is a great city to explore. There are always new restaurants, shops and coffee places to try, so that is exactly what I did last month! Aside from great food, cocktails and no-destination-wandering, we also discovered some great places to shop. It was in the Gerard Doustraat (Oude Pijp) that The Fragrance Store caught our eye and our fragrance adventure began!

It was actually the name that made us curious, but after stepping into the store this curiosity increased, because there it was, a huge oval bar, full of beautiful perfume bottles. Gera, the owner, was so welcoming and she enthusiastically explained her self-designed concept of finding your personal, perfect fragrance. And let me tell you, leave it up to Gera to tell you all about perfume, her carefully chosen selection of brands and finding your perfect fit, based on your personality, perfume history and own preferences.

Her color and shape chart, provides the necessary information regarding your personality and we were astonished how this information matched with the selection of fragrances she quickly put together. They somehow all had the exact notes that I liked and suit me. With about five different fragrances, Gera leaves you to it for a while, to try and see if you can make a Top 3 of potentials. It’s then that you try them on your skin, leave them to rest a bit and, although it’s remains difficult, you’ll know which one matches the best.

It was so interesting how various scents can bring back memories, how you are able to connect to them (or definitely not!) and how everybody apparently has their own fragrance profile. My personal favorite, which I now wear with great joy, is a fragrance by Histoires de Parfums. The scent reminds me of a fragrance I had years ago, dearly missed, but could never find it anywhere. It had that complete pallet of notes I love, even the abstract design of the bottle and my favorite color (dark purple) matched and it has the most intriguing story behind the brand and its creator. I was so pleasantly surprised by this whole experience, that I can recommend everyone in search of your very own special scent to head to The Fragrance Store and let Gera take you on a fragrance journey!

P.S. This would make a perfect gift for your loved one or a really fun afternoon with friends!

The Fragrance Store
Gerard Doustraat 72, Amsterdam 

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