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Top 5 Favorite Food Markets in Groningen

March 18, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Food Markets In Groningen

I love the fact that food markets and specialty stores are around. It’s one of my favorite pastime things to do. Don’t get me wrong, if there weren’t any supermarkets, I wouldn’t know what to do, but I love to start weekends off by going to the market and other favorite special food stores for some fresh produce, cheese and many artisan products such as fresh pasta, homemade pies, you name it! Markets are as old as time, but so vibrant and not to mention the fact that the overall quality is high, because every stall has their own area of expertise and in contrary to supermarkets, you can get some good stuff for your money’s worth.

Aside from the market at the Vismarkt, Groningen has a great selection of other food markets/stores that will really help you expand your culinary repertoire. So our strategy is to buy as much as possible at the markets nearest to you, although it might take up more of your time heading to different spots instead of your regular one-stop supermarket run, but it’s so gonna be worth it! Here is our Top 5 Favorite Food Markets in Groningen!

  1. Bazarz 
    This Italian deli is one of my favorite food stores in the city since I started college many years ago. They make great sandwiches and meals for takeaway, but your love for Italian food will expand by seeing Basarz’s great selection of wines, antipasti, cured meat, and cheese. They have some fresh produce too, great pasta brands and do try their buffalo mozzarella which comes in straight from their supplier in Italy! (Vismarkt 34)
  2. Amazing Oriental 
    Ok, this is a supermarket, but it has the best selection of every ingredient you could possibly need for your Thai shrimp curry or all the stuff you need for your DIY sushi night with friends. Asian produce, candy, snacks, American baking mixes, it’s all here! I dare you to buy something based on the picture on the package since you can’t read what it actually is! (Korreweg 51)
  3. Ommelander Markt
    This market started out by farmers and the city of Groningen to connect local farmers in the province of Groningen and the city. It’s all about providing the consumers with fresh local produce. Now it’s a monthly event (every 2nd Saturday of the month) that attracts many visitors in search of seasonal organic produce. (Harmonieplein, Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat)
  4. Le Souk
    Love the Folkingestraat for its eclectic mix of boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and stores. Somewhere in the middle, you’ll pass Le Souk. It’s a North African deli that has been there for ages, well known by many for their extensive selection of spices, fresh bread, middle eastern pastries, and tapas. I great spot to browse around, taste delicious olives and take home some new spices. (Folkingestraat 21)
  5. Opgeweckt Noord
    Fairly new in the city, but bringing a great new concept of a package-free store. The idea is to bring your own containers and use those to fill it up with your product of choice (or purchase a container which can be recycled the next time you pay the store a visit). Opgeweckt has an extensive selection of organic fruit and vegetables, as well as coffee, cereals, nuts, and dairy and focuses on local products and reduction of the CO2 footprint. A great concept, with great produce. And, do check out their workshops and flexible workspace for work or study whilst sipping on a healthy smoothie! (Astraat 16)

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