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Top 5 Favorite Green Juices

April 1, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Green Juices

Green Juices are here to stay! There is no better way to boost your body with a quick fix of vitamins and other healthy nutrients than with a self-made juice. There are so many combinations, that we collected a couple of our favorite recipes which can be your new go-to combo’s and favorites. Let us help you get started if you wanna try juicing or give you some inspiration if you wanna change up your morning green juice with our Top 5 Favorite Green Juices!

  1. This is a great juice recipe when you’re fighting the flu due to the vast amount of Vitamin C and it only requires three ingredients! Love grapefruit? Vita Juice is the juice for you!
  2. Have you ever tried fennel in your juice? The flavor goes really well with the pungent flavor of the lime and some sweet pineapple. We often make the Fennel-Pineapple-Lime-juice whenever we have indulged ourselves in the less healthy foods over the weekend. It’s a great start of your morning!
  3. Now this is as green as it gets! Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables around, but if you rather not have it for dinner, try adding raw broccoli to your juice and get all the nutrition, without the texture and flavor. Apple and kiwi take the lead in the Evergreen Juice!
  4. The Hulk Juice is one of our favorite green juices before or after a workout. Packed with vitamins and the energizing spirulina, it gives you energy and replenishes your system after. It’s called The Hulk Juice for a reason!
  5. A nice twist on the regular OJ in the morning is the OJ Deluxe juice. The ginger gives it a nice little spice and cucumber makes it even more refreshing. Good Morning!

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