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Top 5 Favorite Legume Salads

February 19, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Legume Salads

I have mentioned it before, but I’m trying to cut out the carbs from bread, pasta and such for a while (I do cheat a bit on weekends, but really, there’s no life without something doughy or pasta right?). I do a fairly good job by preparing my office lunches at home. However, I don’t want an all leafy salad all the time! As a result, I’m kinda hooked on legumes in my salad lately. You can soak them overnight or just have a good supply of various canned beans, which you can instantly use. Therefore in this post, we’d like to give you our Top 5 Favorite Legume Salads!

  1. This salad with chickpeas is so fresh and filling, that you won´t even miss your beloved tuna sandwich! The recipe by The Kitchn adds barley (good carbs!) and feta, which gives it a nice savory contrast, that will keep you making this salad over and over again!
  2. We love the healthy recipes by My New Roots! They’re really inspirational and this lentil salad recipe really is one of the best! As mentioned, the list of ingredients might seem long, but once you have those spices in your cupboard (if you don’t have them already) we are sure you’ll incorporate them into your dishes more often! Oh really do add some soft goat cheese to that salad. Love it!
  3. I had a jar of Aduki beans in my pantry and was searching for a nice salad recipe to use them. This recipe featured on, is a salad where the flavor of the aduki beans blends well with the rest of the ingredients and the Asian-inspired dressing. We are not there yet (sigh..), but this dish is great for summer picnics too!
  4. This South American-inspired salad we found on sounds like a party! Grilled corn, sweet mango and tasty lima beans will warm you up and give you that summer feeling. The nice combination of fruit and vegetable is delicious and the added chili makes this salad a little addictive.
  5. If you haven’t tried radicchio, please try it, when you get the chance! This cannellini bean salad by is more of a traditional type of salad, with a nice mustard/red wine vinegar dressing. However, the creamy cannellini beans and the anchovy balance out the flavors really well!

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