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Top 5 Favorite Office Snacks

February 5, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Office Snacks

Considering the fact that we spend a large chunk of our day at work, where we need to focus on getting things done, it is key to give our bodies the energy it needs to function well. We know that we need a good breakfast to fuel up for the day, take time for our lunch and so on, but what about those little extra’s in between that keep us going or just gives us a break during a crazy hectic day? Now you can run down to that vending machine, but those things just spit out the sugary/fatty unhealthy stuff. So we’ve come up with a Top 5 Favorite Office Snacks you can prepare ahead and bring along for those quick bites at the office (or school).

  1. Coconut Pancake Sandwich is my latest favorite! I make a whole batch of small pancakes, using coconut flour and add a little buckwheat to the mixture. I eat a couple for breakfast and save the rest for the day after. When they are cooled, you can spread on your favorite marmalade and stack 3 pieces for a pancake sandwich. Wrap it up and enjoy with your morning tea at the office! Serves as breakfast on-the-go as well!
  2. The second snack is one I eat nearly every day and I never get tired of it, since it’s so easy to mix things up. I love Yoghurt & Fruit! One combination if soy yoghurt with strawberries or frozen raspberries? Or what about Greek yoghurt with walnuts and honey? Delicious!
  3. During the holidays I got the latest book of Rens Kroes; Powerfood – Van Friesland naar New York. It’s full of healthy and really tasty recipes for any part of the day. Not to mention great pictures! The first recipe I tried was the Rye-Breakfast Cake (Rogge-Ontbijtkoek), and I love it with just a little bit of butter. (The recipe is in Dutch, but let us know if you need some help translating!)
  4. Raw vegetables with dip boring? No way! When I bring raw veggies to work, I like to have different kinds of flavors (e.g. cucumber, radishes, celery) and often have it with hummus, which satisfies that hearty craving in the afternoon.
  5. Yes, of course, we have to add something sweet, preferably with chocolate! That is why we chose the Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies, by Chicks Love Food. A batch of 15 is whipped up really quick, by using the blender. Although it’s sweet, there is no added sugar, and the oatmeal gives you that nice bite. Plus, don’t forget the lovely dark chocolate flavor. The question is; Are you gonna share these with your co-workers?

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