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Top 5 Favorite Pancake Recipes

March 4, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Pancake Recipe

There is nothing better than a Saturday or Sunday morning, where you have slept in a bit, but aren’t up too late and have all the time to make an elaborate breakfast. Depending on the mood, this can be something with eggs or freshly baked bread with different toppings, but I must say that a good stack of pancakes makes me happy, no really, like really happy. And, I practically like every type of pancake, from the classic one to some more healthy variations. So here we go! Our Top 5 Favorite Pancake Recipes (in the world)!

  1. There are certain kind of combinations that are simply heavenly, and for me that are doughy dishes with banana. The Banana Oat Pancakes recipe is a super healthy one by Kayla Itsines (yes, she is the work-out guru of the moment), which is made with oatmeal and cottage cheese. What a great post-run breakfast!
  2. The Almond Flour Pancakes by The Roasted Root are so easy to make and yet so delicious. Since regular wheat flour is left out of the mix, you’ll have a different texture, but it’s ideal for people that eat paleo. That POM juice reduction is a great idea!
  3. Ok, this is not the healthiest of pancake recipes, but there is no Top 5 without including pancakes with blueberries and/or ricotta, hence this addition! The Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes by Café Delites are a heavenly bunch! Ricotta give such an amazing texture and fuller flavor. These are the pancakes you make for your special ones.
  4. I made these Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes a couple of weeks ago, made too many, and ended up enjoying them a couple of days as office snack with a little raspberry marmalade. Awesome! Check out Girl Versus Dough for other great recipes!
  5. This must be the quintessential autumn/winter pancake recipe. Sweet potato and pecans just go so well together. This recipe by The Healthy Maven takes a little more time to prepare, since the sweet potato needs to be cooked, but trust us, it’s worth it. These Sweet Potato Pecan Pancakes make an excellent brunch or breakfast before a long Sunday stroll.

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