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Top 5 Favorite Zoodle Recipes

October 16, 2015

Top 5 Favorite Zoodle Recipes

The zucchini, courgette or summer squash…. So many names for a vegetable that is easily home grown in the garden, even for the ones without that green thumb, since zucchini thrives well in nearly all climates and situations. When you do decide to grow them yourself, be prepared to have this vegetable in abundance, because when these babies start growing, they grow fast!

Now you can give some away, store some in the freezer, but more important is that you enjoy them right now when flavour-wise they are at their peak! Since I have my Spirelli and a stack of zucchini, we searched the Internet for the best recipes for Zuchetti or Zoodles and made The Fresh Edit’s Top 5 Favorite Zoodle Recipes, which we would like to share with you guys. So if you’re staying in for the weekend and in for some healthy, but delicious vegetable pasta dishes, have a look at these and try them out!

  1. This girl is on fire! Her new book Powerfood – Van Friesland tot New York is the go-to book for everybody who is into healthy, but more importantly delicious recipes! Check out this recipe for Zuchetti by Rens Kroes and watch how she prepares it on her new cooking channel!
  2. Do you follow everything what is going on at Goop too? We love the recipes that are featured, which are generally healthy recipes, without any compromise on flavor. The recipe for Late Summer Zoodles is ideal for preparing a quick lunch or dinner. No hassle, 100% tasty!
  3. Although many zoodle recipes are Italian-inspired, it’s so easy to change things up and add some Asian flavors. This recipe for Mason Jar “Instant” Ramen Noodles is any easy and super healthy alternative for those cup of noodles with too much salt and additives and a perfect lunch. Give this asian-inspired zoodle recipe by Strictly Delicious a go, no regrets!
  4. There is nothing like a big bowl of pasta Bolognese. It’s one of the classics and a family favorite at my home. The Eggplant Bolognese recipe by Paleo Grubs is a delicious substitute when you want that full flavoured sauce, but prefer to go low carb.
  5. Last, but not least we just had to add one more favorite zoodle recipe with shimp, the Shrimp Scampi Zoodles. Love shrimp! Skinny Taste has so many awesome delicious recipes and is often an inspiration whenever we don’t know what to cook and in search for an easy, healthy meal. Defenitely check it out!

Here it is! Our Top 5 Favorite Zoodle recipes. Experiment, enjoy and let us know which recipe is your favorite! Happy Weekend!


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