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Our Top 5 ‘New on Netflix’ – December ’17

December 7, 2017

I don’t know about you guys, but although December is a month full of festivities, I think it’s the perfect time to make some more time to catch up on some serious Netflix time, alone or with whomever wants to join you. There is a whole list of exciting things this month, so let’s get started! Here’s our Top 5 ‘New on Netflix’ December! 

The Crown, Season 2 December 8th 2017

For all the royalty lovers out there and all in perfect timing with the royal engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, you can dive into the second season of the Queen Mum’s story with the second season of The Crown. Claire Foy and her co-actors are just killing it, portraying the royal family. A good show to watch with the family when you are killing time waiting for Christmas dinner.

Wormwood, December 15th 2017

I have seen the trailer and this documentary series just pulls you in straight away. Director Errol Morris explores the story of an American scientist involved with a top secret government program during the Cold War, following his son’s sixty year quest to discover the truth about his father’s mysterious death. An intriguing documentary, digging through the dark history of the United States and let’s not forget that Peter Sarsgaard is in it too! Bound to be stellar!

Dark, December 1st 2017

Following the events after two boys in a town called Winden near a nuclear plant go missing. Four families find that they are strangely connected and although the series take place in 2019, the storyline jumps back and forth 33 years.

Ok, so maybe you are a bit hesitant watching series in German, but make an exception for Dark, because it’s go gonna be worth it. If you love Stranger Things, horror, are Twin Peaks aficionado, this series is the one you are going to binge watch this month!

Bright, December 22nd 2017

From Dark we go to Bright, the new flick starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, and directed by David Ayer. In a LA inhabited by different creatures, two cops, a human and an Ork partner up, stumble on a powerful object and find themselves amidst a war. The director of End of Watch, Suicide Squad and Training Day has made a mad sci-fi action-packed movie and who better than Will Smith, former MIB agent, is there to tackle crime?

Fun Mom Dinner, December 31st 2017

After all the mystic and serious stuff this month, we bring you a crazy comedy about four women that seemingly have nothing in common but their kids, but then decide to get together during a ‘Fun Mom Dinner’. The mayhem starts from there…There is nothing left to say than just sit back, relax, have fun and enjoy the ride with these crazy characters!

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