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July 8, 2016

Travel Preparations

With the much longed after holiday coming up in a couple of weeks, the pre-holiday Travel Preparation is part of the fun before you actually set foot on that plane. And being a little organized will take away the stress one has a couple of days or day before you leave, because packing a suitcase is the only thing you have and want to do at this point (and I absolutely loathe it!) So we have some helpful travel preparation tips that might help ease you into holiday modus, before you are well on your way to your next summer destination!

  1. Keep a list with your personal essentials in e.g. Evernote and use it to check off items as soon as you’ve put it in your suitcase or bag (Think: passport, adapter/phone charger, medication, sunglasses, small purse etc.)
  2. Secondly, a couple of essential travel items: a large scarf for drafty flights, healthy snacks, when all you can find are sugary candy bars, and an extra set of clothes (don’t forget underwear!) in your carry on, for when your checked in luggage didn’t reach your destination or when you find yourself stuck in an airport due to delays
  3. Prepare a small first-aid kit where you keep band-aids (against blisters after miles of sightseeing), aspirin, antidiarrheal medicine, earplugs, tissues, hand sanitizer and facial spray
  4. A big part of the fun is to set up an itinerary. Some people plan every minute, I just make a list of things I really would like to see/do/eat/drink. Some things need a more careful planning, some things can be done on a whim (that is if you can find the place). To not lose precious time and save you from disappointment, look into the events, activities and restaurants, so you know what to expect. It may sound a bit obvious, but it makes me really sad when a certain restaurant is closed the very night you’re dying to try their signature dish. You’re feeling me, right? Also, use Tripadvisor and Yelp to find good reviews about a restaurant, shop, salon etc. In this way you know you’re about to visit a good place!
  5. If you’re doing a multi-destination trip, keep a folder with printouts of hotel reservations, car rentals and such. You can quickly look into addresses, room types and nobody can tell you that a little Fiat was your online car of choice, when you know you selected a more spacious car. My rental info is right here, señor! Now hand me the keys to that Audi!
  6. When flying to a new destination, you’ll need some form of transport from the airport to your hotel/apartment/B&B. Check out your options in advance or make reservations for a pick-up. It will save you time, stress and money, knowing what the most (cost) efficient mode of transportation is
  7. Last but not least: this might be difficult, but never over pack your suitcase, because you’ll always bring something back from your holiday, whether it’s a souvenir, gifts or the results of your shopping spree

So are these some helpful pre-holiday prep tips? Let us know your pre-travel tips and tricks!

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