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Very Berry Cherry

July 11, 2014

Very Berry Cherry

The berry season is in full effect and this smoothie truly does its name justice. The Very Berry Cherry is a tasty smoothie that captures the summer feeling and lets you start the day in a cheerful way!

List of Ingredients

– 1 cup of Blackberries
– ½ cup of Cherries
– ½ cup of Blueberries
– ½ cup of Raspberries
– 1 cup of Endive
– 1 tsp of Chia seeds
– 1 cup of Almond milk

The Very Berry Cherry smoothie is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and therefore highly nutritious. To really get that intense colour, it’s better to use fresh blackberries than frozen ones. Not only will it give your smoothie a beautiful deep purple colour, it will also have a richer berry flavour.

Tip: You can also add ½ a banana or 1 tbsp of yoghurt (e.g. Greek or soy) to give it an even smoother texture.

The Very Berry Cherry Smoothie Song: Basia Bulat – Tall Tall Shadow

This Canadian singer-songwriter had a couple of albums to her name already, but her third album Tall Tall Shadow, which came out last September, is the first one we came across when she performed here in the Netherlands last year and we were instantly amazed by her talent. To watch her play various instruments (e.g. Andean charango!) with so much ease and combining it with that great voice, really proves how talented she is. So for the people who haven’t heard of her yet, let us introduce to you: Ms. Bulat. Happy Friday!



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