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Welcome to The Fresh Edit

July 7, 2014
Welcome to The Fresh Edit

Very Berry Cherry, Energy +, Crispy Green and Summer Bliss (Left to right, top to bottom)

Hello and welcome to The Fresh Edit, a new go-to place for delicious smoothies and other healthy liquids! We aim to give you quick and easy to prepare recipes, using all the fruits and vegetables we can think of, that would make a great tasting concoction. Starting off the day with a smoothie is the best thing you can give your body. It fills you up and gives you the first batch of nutrients, providing energy throughout the day. What’s not to love?! But that’s not all people, it takes more to catch that fresh start every day, but let’s not give too much away. Check these fresh recipes out and find out what other cool stuff we have to offer on The Fresh Edit!

Samira & Ireen

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