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August 29, 2014


It’s a fact that white and green teas are the healthiest varieties when drinking tea. They have the antioxidants for good skin, cleanse and obviously hydrate while giving your taste buds a good time. And with literally thousands kinds, how can you ever get bored of having tea?

We are massive tea drinkers, we love all kinds of tea, loyally stick to our faves, however there is always a new brand and blend we can’t wait to try (a nice cappuccino is a favorite treat too, just so you know). And so it didn’t take too long for us to come up with some cool new smoothie recipes with tea as a liquid base, starting out with green tea. Any green tea of your liking will do, as long as it’s chilled and try to brew it a bit stronger for extra flavor. So let’s leave the hot tea aside (for a while) and see how refreshing adding chilled tea to your drink can be!

Tip: Tea left over from a fun-filled afternoon, catching up with friends? No need to throw it away, safe it for your morning concoction!

List of Ingredients:
– 2 Nectarines
– 1 cup of Spinach
– 1 tsp Spirulina
– 1 cup of chilled Green Tea

The Zen-sational Smoothie Song: Wilhelm Tell Me – Let Me Take You Away

Wilhelm Tell Me is a German band that was founded in Hamburg in 2010. Their musical style can be described as indie or synth pop, however they describe their style as post-indie. These guys are a band to closely follow, because ever since their latest song Let Me Take You Away was released as a world exclusive pre release on Spotify last July we have been listening to them practically non-stop. Can’t wait for what’s next! Liking it too? Let us know!

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